Day One / by Javier Salinas

I feel like the weight of myself, and all the images I have ever seen before, have moved aside.

I will confess something I never have before until this moment. I have had the most fortuitous photo experiences a person could ever have. Without naming names I have worked with the greatest photojournalists the world has ever seen during my time at the Associated Press and Getty Images. Giants. Legends.

Always in a supportive role, I have never taken my photography seriously or believed that it could ever have any value. And yet the passion, the eye, the compositions, the images I see while my eyes are closed and open have always been there, burning. I just never gave it the proper attention because I intimidated myself and talked myself out of even trying-- since I knew I could not compare to those giants.

I have finally stepped aside of their shadows and finally admitted that I can never be them, I never will be them and I don't want to be them. However--how lucky am I to have had them in my path? Working on projects together, editing their photos, talking endlessly on the phone after a long trip or a tough assignment---sometimes even in the middle of tough assignments! 

I am now emboldened by that experience and I am fair to myself in following my own course and charting my own paths. Always humbled by all their images which cannot be deleted from my memory.

This will be fun.