Eggleston in the Real World / by Javier Salinas

Recently re-watched the film William Eggleston in the Real World by Michael Almereyda (2005). The film is as deceptively plain, simple and straightforward and Eggleston's images. 

Here are some takeaways from his approach to all of it:

Photograph everything the way it is. The way it was found.

Seek out the best light.

Seek out what YOU find interesting not what THEY will find interesting.


Remain at war with the obvious.

Photography is unbalanced emotion poised between fear and love.

There are more photographs than bricks in this world so be original.

Everything is worth looking at; worth photographing.

There are some critics, as there always are, but I find his pictures deep, mundane, ominous and caring all at the same time. He observes the world for what is is and then chooses the best possible frame to isolate daily, incessantly ordinary moments.

What an inspiration!