Wood-Fired Pots / by Javier Salinas

When you first approach the grounds where Jane Herold Pottery is located, the narrow winding roads and the steep hill are not the first things that make the strongest impact. The vast acreage, the lush green in the Spring and Summer, the slick, thick ice in the Winter and the artistic force that emanates throughout are most stunning. 

And this is all before we meet the woman and see her many creations which are currently being used in restaurants and living rooms and kitchens around the world.

Not bad for someone that has little to zero marketing campaigns or advertisements of any kind other than a rustic sign along a country road and some basic flyers in Piermont, NY shops.

She is decidedly unsure about changing that, but it all depends on what day you ask her. "I have a very active brain. Constantly working even when at rest. It's not good" she admits with a smile.

Please see some photos at www.nimio.xyz and visit www.janeherold.com .